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After a free telephone consultation to see if we are potentially a good fit, we will make an appointment for an initial session.  We will discuss fees and payment options.  To save time, I will ask you to visit my secure client portal to fill out forms before the first session.  Click [HERE ] to register for the portal.  

In-Person Counseling:

At the initial session, we will review goals and expectations for counseling, as well as information about confidentiality, office policies, and legal rights.  We'll also get to know each other a little and I will explain the counseling process and try to answer any questions you might have. Following the initial session we will generally meet weekly (the same time every week) for 50-60 minute sessions.  I may suggest homework for you to do between sessions.  To get the most benefit from counseling it often helps to practice skills or do additional work during the week.  I like to work collaboratively, and I appreciate feedback about what is or isn't working well for you.  I offer specialized skills such as trauma-informed therapy or mindfulness training when appropriate.  Counseling can be a life-changing journey, and I love to accompany clients on this journey.

Online and Telephone Counseling:

I offer several options for online and telephone counseling.  (Check with your insurance company to see if they will cover this):

~ Video Calls

~ Online Chat sessions

~ Telephone sessions

~ Secure Messaging

~ Online Worksheets

Fees and Insurance:

My customary rate for a 55-60 minute session (in-person, online, or by phone) is $130. 

I offer a monthly "Maintenance Plan":  Unlimited access to the Client Portal plus one telephone check-in (up to half an hour) per month.  $50/month.  This plan is ideal for clients transitioning out of weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions.

I accept the following insurance:

~ MediCal through Beacon/Central Coast Alliance for Health 
~ Optum
~ Beacon Health Options

I can also provide a "superbill" as an out-of-network provider for other insurance plans (check with your insurance company for information on their out-of-network benefits).

Online Coaching Package Deals:

(not available with insurance; not appropriate for clients in crisis or with significant mental health problems)

Package 1.  Unlimited access to Client Portal, with online journaling, worksheets, and other resources.  Weekly check-in, feedback and assignment suggestions through secure messaging.  $120/month.

Package 2.  All the above (Package #1) plus one half-hour phone, video or chat session per month.  $175/month.

Package 3.  All the above (Package #2) plus an additional half-hour phone, video or chat session per month.  $225/month.

Payments for all services can be made by cash or check in session, or by credit card in advance (inquire for details).